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How To Box – The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started

Want to be the next Mike Tyson? The newest Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather? Well, the first step is starting. Everyone starts at the bottom and it’s here that the foundations for the rest of your journey are made.

What are the benefits of boxing?

Boxing is not just for fighters, it’s for everyone. In fact, boxing is one of the greatest all-round workouts to improve fitness, lose weight, feel better and improve your self esteem and confidence. Not to mention one of the biggest reasons people get into boxing – self defence. There are also many health benefits, ranging from lowering blood pressure to regulating blood sugar levels. So there are plenty of reasons to give it a go.

How do I start boxing?

Firstly, find a gym! Whilst you can do boxing drills and train at home, it is important to build a solid technical foundation at an established gym with expert coaches. You can then later take what you learn in classes and train by yourself at home. Having the watchful eye of a seasoned veteran catching your mistakes will excel your training tenfold in comparison to training alone. When you’re ready to step into the ring with a trainer make sure you weigh your options! Check out this article we wrote about Choosing The Right Gym For You.

The fundamentals of boxing

Boxing is an intense full contact sport that can be used to enhance your strength, speed, agility and endurance. It is a skill that can improve coordination, posture and flexibility. Having said all that, I’m going to give you a list of basic rules that will allow you to have a great workout every time you step into the ring. Focus on your footwork. The first fundamental in boxing is your footwork and ensuring you’re moving the right way. Keep your hands up. It may look cool to dance around the ring like Conor McGregor with your hands down but the reality is that if you want to fight you need to keep your hands up at all times! It’s only after years of training you can relax it a bit and pick and choose when you guard up. Keep your punches technical. Don’t focus on power! Dial it back a bit and make sure your punches are as technical as possible. Follow everything your coach says about the basic punches and put it into action in every session.

5 quick training tips for beginners

  • Don’t be discouraged by the slow improvements. 
  • Fundamentals beat flashy every time.
  • Don’t have an ego when sparring.
  • Treat your training partners how you would like to be treated.
  • Have fun with it!

Myths, misconceptions and FAQs

The biggest misconception with boxing is that it’s a dirty sport. It’s an intelligent sport that should be fun and exciting to participate in. Most high level boxers are excellent tacticians who work tirelessly to figure out their opponent and beat them before they even step in the ring.

Many people will postpone training boxing because they are “not fit enough”. There is no such thing! Anybody at any fitness level can jump in on a beginners class. The best way to get fit enough to do boxing is by doing boxing!

Another misconception is the injuries that come with boxing. All the injuries that occur are usually done as a result of poor technique, improper technique and lack of proper supervision. Training in a good gym with a good coach should result in little to no injuries sustained to anybody.

A big myth when you start boxing is that you’re going to get beaten up. This is completely untrue of modern gyms. Whilst old school gyms had certain initiation practices that involved throwing the new guy in the deep end, this has been phased out over time by modern gyms. That being said, if you feel at all unsafe during your training, simply ask your training partner to dial it back or talk to the coach. 


We hope you took something away from this article! If you have any questions about getting started in boxing please message us HERE.