Striking classes at Base Training Centre are a truly unique take on modern day striking. A hybrid of shoot-boxing, muay thai and traditional boxing our students learn our specific techniques and methodologies to make them well rounded, competent striking athletes.


This is subject to what coach you have for each class! However a general layout will be 10 minutes of warmup, 30 minutes of technique and 20 minutes of live sparring!

We cater all of our classes to every skill & fitness level. From beginners to advanced practitioners, everybody trains together and gets progresses as a team. Our classes incorporate rest rounds and technique drilling as well as live sparring to ensure people have enough chance to catch their breath. If you’re not comfortable with live sparring you don’t have to participate! Simply let the coach know and we will accomodate more drills for you.

Our coaches strive to ensure 100% safety on the mats. However, being a contact sport there is bound to be some bumps and bruises along the way. Let your coach know what injury you have and we will help you every step of the way.

MMA/Striking: You will need MMA & 16oz boxing gloves as well as shin guards. These can be purchased from our store!

BJJ GI: You will need to bring a BJJ Gi.

Every Class: Please wear a tight fitting shirt (or rashguard) & shorts with no pockets or zips and bring a water bottle and towel! 

Please consult our etiquette & hygiene standards prior to attending the gym! Click HERE to learn more.

Meet the coaches

Head Coach | BJJ Black Belt | UFC Veteran
BJJ & JUDO Black belt | Pro fighter