Designed by ex-army PTI Damien Brown, Base Training Centre's fitness facilities have been hand picked to help members increase functional fitness whilst also being of top quality. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or increase overall fitness, we have a solution for you.


Classes will vary from day to day and on class type. HIIT classes generally consist of circuit training working to certain interval timers, whereas Strength & Conditioning classes may include longer breaks but higher weight ranges.

We cater all of our classes to every skill & fitness level. From beginners to advanced practitioners, everybody trains together and progresses as a team. 

Our coaches strive to ensure 100% safety. Please ensure you let your trainer know about any active injuries or medications you are taking prior to starting class so they can take any necessary precautions for your health.

For your first class please wear a tight fitting shirt & shorts and bring a water bottle and towel!

Please consult our etiquette & hygiene standards prior to attending the gym! Click HERE to learn more.

Meet the coaches

Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Ex-Army PTI | Head Coach
Certified Fitness Coach | Pro Fighter