Choosing The Right Gym For You

With more and more gyms opening every year it is super important to take 5 minutes and decide which gym is right for you! Follow the steps below and find out what gym is the best fit for you!


It’s very important to define your goals prior to signing up to any gym. This will be the biggest factor in which gym you choose and why. After all you are signing up to reach your goals, so make sure you are picking the gym that will get you there in the most effective and efficient way!

  • Get generally healthier?
  • Lose weight?
  • Learn how to defend yourself?
  • Build muscle and get bigger?
  • Do you want to fight?
  • Do you want to compete in BJJ competitions?


For most, traveling more than 30 minutes to the gym will hinder your ability to maintain consistent training. So it’s important to figure out what options you have for training.

Firstly, find out what gyms are near you. A simple Google search will do. Aim for a radius of less than a 30 minute drive. If you plan on training before or straight after work, see if there are any gyms close to your work.

Next, make sure your schedule aligns with the gyms timetable. If you plan on training at 6am in the morning, make sure the gym offers morning classes! Most gyms will have a public timetable available on their Facebook page or website.


This is the big one. Now you know what options you have, decide if that gym aligns with your goals. If you want to fight, training at a 24/7 weights gym is completely off the table.

If you’re strictly looking at martial arts gyms, do some research on the coaches! Have they competed? What is their belt ranking? Have they had professional MMA fights? Do they have a dedicated weights area? Is the facility good? Is there parking?

At the end of the day, it is your choice to pick the right gym for you! Make sure you do your research and utilize free trials to check out the gym’s environment and community, you want to feel welcome and have no judgement when you walk into a new gym. This also gives you a chance to check out the coaching styles the gym offers. Everybody coaches differently and everybody learns differently so it’s important to ensure these compliment each other so you can make the most of your training.

Now you know what to look out for when joining a gym, here’s why you should come to Base Training Centre.

At Base we have a mix of professional fighters and BJJ competitors. Our head coach Damien Brown is a UFC Veteran and currently fights in the Japanese promotion RIZIN, he is one of under 10 Australian UFC fighters who actually coach at a gym. Damien is also an army veteran where he was a Personal Training Instructor. If you’re looking to fight, compete or get fit and lose weight, Base is the gym for you!

Athlete Performance & Aptitude Testing Day

BASE Training Centre recently facilitated the first Athlete Performance and Aptitude Testing (APAT) day which was designed and administered through a combined effort from Fight IQ Professionals Aaron Blackie, Mitchell Robinson and Marcel Noronha as well as with the facility’s head coach and UFC veteran Damien Brown.

Rolling As A Bigger Guy

Thousands of people want to start MMA but are hesitant for one reason or another. We’ve compiled some of the most common reasons for putting off the start of your MMA journey to help the general public to understand why we do what we do, and love it.