At Base, you’re not just receiving a gym membership. You are being connected with knowledgeable coaches and an uplifting community with similar goals. This makes those hard days where you don’t want to train that much easier.

Our Classes

More than a gym membership


Base was launched to create a community of martial artists & fitness enthusiasts that at all times seek to better themselves and those around them, in an environment where each individual feels that their presence is free of judgment and enhances the team/community. Our intent is to improve individual physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual abilities in order to improve our overall collective experiences in life, therefore creating a desire for consistency in our training, and all underpinned by loyalty to each other through decency and respect.

Everything we do is for the community. The dream for Head Coach & Director Damien Brown was to have a location that promotes mental, physical and spiritual health for all involved. From popping in for a coffee to training to treating injuries, Base is the health hub that society needs.