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The Primal Art – Mixed Martial Arts Basics

Before humans painted, created music, sang or put on dramatic plays, there was the most simple form of art, fighting. Fighting is embedded into our instinct as humans, it’s hardwired and it’s not going anywhere soon. If somebody tries to punch you, you will bring your hands to your head without thinking to try and protect your head, the most important part of your body.


Mixed martial arts is using the plethora of martial arts that are out there in conjunction to become the most versatile fighter. Although there are thousands of martial arts, the primary ones focused on by MMA practitioners are wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and boxing.


When you first start MMA, you will practice each individual style separately. Many gyms have different nights and time slots for different classes, for example on a Monday there will be a 5pm Muay Thai class followed by a 7:30pm Jiu Jitsu class. Training styles separately  lets you better hone in on specific techniques. However, it is very important to fit all the puzzle pieces together by training full MMA as well. Base Training Centre offers three classes a week of MMA training to ensure students are experienced in how everything comes together.

Basic techniques you will be taught in MMA will come from mixing the four key disciplines, BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling. Simple drills for MMA include throwing 2-3 punch combos followed by stepping through into a takedown, grappling with strikes and guard retention drills as well as simple boxing and head movement drills. As always, how you train and what you train is completely up to your coach.


The lifestyle of a MMA fighter in not for everyone, but everyone can train MMA for fun, fitness and to make friends. You don’t have to be a fighter to train at a martial arts gym. In fact, majority of the population of majority of MMA and BJJ gyms will not fight, but instead only train for their own mental and physical health. Whatever your reason to train, if you have any questions about martial arts and starting your journey please contact us on the Base Training Centre Instagram and Facebook pages.